[Xcb] Bug#629691: libxcb build fails with "nocheck" in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS

Cyril Brulebois kibi at debian.org
Wed Jun 8 09:11:11 PDT 2011

Steve McIntyre <steve.mcintyre at linaro.org> (08/06/2011):
> Thanks for the quick response. :-)

No problem.

> I'm not sure that will do the right thing for the build dir, though,
> which is currently set up by doing:
>       $(MAKE) -C $(DEB_BUILDDIR) check
> <pause>
> A quick check suggests it doesn't DTRT. With the existing rules file I
> see: […]

Really, that makefile should be rewritten to only mention what's really
needed. Much boilerplate for no reasons. Once that done and
--builddirectory passed through the %:\n\tdh $@ ... thing, everything
should be OK. Feel free to ping me on that tomorrow, really no time for

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