[Xcb] XCB documentation effort status update

Michael Stapelberg michael+xcb at stapelberg.de
Mon Nov 28 12:54:26 PST 2011

Hi Josh,

Excerpts from Josh Triplett's message of 2011-11-28 20:33:48 +0000:
> Just to make sure, have you already grabbed all the relevant bits of
> text out of the existing X protocol documentation for the corresponding
> requests?
Yes, where appropriate. Most of the time, I just modified the function and
parameter names to match xcb, sometimes I’ve rephrased a bit and sometimes I’ve
extended the documentation. Have a look at the repository with pre-generated

(git clone, man ./xcb_set_input_focus.3 for example)

> > There are 4 requests left until I documented all requests which i3 uses. This
> > is the first milestone in this project and it should be reached by the end of
> > next week.
Current status: Those 4 requests are done, too. I’m currently working on the
generator/autotools integration.

The github repositories are up to date. Proof-reading and filling in the TODOs
is much appreciated. Especially Error documentation could be easy: It’s
usually just a sentence, but the Xlib-manpages often aren’t very specific and
I’m not that familiar with X11. So maybe someone can help out.

Best regards,

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