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Cinolt cinolt.yk at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 15:45:11 PST 2011

Hello XCB mailing list!

I have been working on a small Window Manager these past few days that
uses XCB entirely. I think it has some unique concepts, something
perhaps minimalists like myself would enjoy. I was hoping somebody
could be so nice as to glance over it, and maybe even give suggestions
for improvement. Below is the README for your convenience, thank you
in advance for any feedback!

Yet another minimalistic X11 WM. I made this from scratch as a hobby. Feedback
is always appreciated :) cinolt.yk at gmail.com

This is in the public domain.

"swm" is not the most original untaken name out there, but this was not meant
to go mainstream anyway. It is from "Super Window Manager", as I originally
contrived the super key being rarely used in most X11 applications, and thought
would be perfect for a window manager to handle.

All windows under swm are intended to take up the entire screen; there are no
window decorations whatsoever. swm is also controlled entirely by the keyboard
(ideally with only one hand).

When swm starts, it reads a runtime configuration file $HOME/.swmrc. This file
specifies the "grabkey", as well as several "bindkeys". The grabkey is a key
that while pressed, will take active control of the keyboard, enabling bindkeys
to be pressed.

.swmrc specifies the grabkey with a keycode. It specifies each bindkey with a
keycode, a boolean "alpha switch", and a sh(ell) command line.

Several things can happen when a bindkey is pressed:

o If the bindkey is an "alphakey", then unconditionally execute its command
o Otherwise, if the [S]hift ([S]witch) modifier is active, then move its
assigned window, if any, to the top of the window stack.
o Otherwise, if the [C]ontrol ([C]ommand) modifier is active, then execute its
command line.
o Otherwise, if the Mod_1 ([A]lt; [A]ssign) modifier is active, then assign the
current top-level window to it.
(The behavior is undefined when two or more of the Shift, Control, and Mod_1
modifiers are active.)
o Otherwise, if it is currently not assigned to a window, then execute its
command line and designate itself to be assigned to the next mapped window.
o Otherwise, if it is currently assigned to a window, then move its assigned
window to the top of the window stack.

swm takes input through a FIFO $HOME/.swmin, reading the first 4 bytes of each
input, acting accordingly:

quit: Quit swm
dele: Delete top-most window
alte: Alternate between first and second top-most windows
circ: Circulate windows
kill: Kill top-most window

This does not use GNU Autobloat. Use the build script provided as a starting
point to build it for your particular system. It should build fine for any
relatively recent (2011/11/28) UNIX-like build environment and libxcb/xcb-util.

Once you've done that, make the FIFO (mkfifo $HOME/.swmin), then edit
$HOME/.swmrc to your liking. The format is relatively simple; use the provided
sample .swmrc and common sense. Keep in mind that keycodes vary across systems
and that the null characters in .swmrc are intentional.

Execute swm with your preferred method. One way is to have it executed in

o Maintain a local list of window stacking order rather than querying the root
tree everytime.
o More thorough ICCCM support
o Fix bugs (random "phantom" window in firefox?)
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