[Xcb] RFC: API break in xinput

Daniel Martin consume.noise at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 15:19:16 PST 2013

Hi everyone,

while merging XI2 stuff into the xinput implementation name conflicts

* (Un)GrabDevice requests

In XI2 there're 2 new requests with the same name and the same purpose.
My first intention was renaming the old requests to (Un)GrabDeviceOld as
they're kind of superseeded by the new ones.
Now, I think I'll interprete the specification much more accurate. There
all requests and structures introduced with XI2 have a "XI" prefix. So,
the new (Un)GrabDevice requests would be called XI(Un)GrabDevice. (In
libXi the requests have this prefix too.)
Well, that prefix comes at the price of longer generated names in
libxcb and we have this prefix for everything new. Just to work around 2

* FocusIn/Out events

In XI2 events are not prefixed and there's a FocusIn/Out too. But,
that's due to a mistake as the "old" FocusIn/Out events we currently
have should have been called DeviceFocusIn/Out:
Here I realy would like to rename the "old" events, give them their
proper names and therefor _break the api_.

Any pros/cons on either aspect (prefix and rename) is highly
appreciated. And do you know of a project that would affected?

Thanks in advance for your comment,
    Daniel Martin

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