[Xcb] RFC: API break in xinput

Michael Stapelberg michael+xcb at stapelberg.de
Tue Jan 8 00:20:41 PST 2013

Hi Daniel,

Daniel Martin <consume.noise at gmail.com> writes:
> Well, that prefix comes at the price of longer generated names in
> libxcb and we have this prefix for everything new. Just to work around 2
> conflicts.
Given that we have really long names already, I don’t think we should
sacrifice correctness for shorter names. That is: use the prefix (IMO).

> In XI2 events are not prefixed and there's a FocusIn/Out too. But,
> that's due to a mistake as the "old" FocusIn/Out events we currently
> have should have been called DeviceFocusIn/Out:
>   http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/proto/inputproto/tree/specs/XIproto.txt#n2361
> Here I realy would like to rename the "old" events, give them their
> proper names and therefor _break the api_.
I think that’s okay, given that the fix to compile with both old and new
xcb looks like this:

/* just as an example, not sure which version this will be and how the
   variable is called */
#define xcb_input_device_focus_in_event_t xcb_input_focus_in_event_t

> Any pros/cons on either aspect (prefix and rename) is highly
> appreciated. And do you know of a project that would affected?
I can’t find any project in Debian which uses xcb_input_focus_in_event_t
(given that this is the name you meant), see

This doesn’t mean that no project is affected of course, but at least
nothing major.

Best regards,

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