[Xcb] XCB Tutorials

Uli Schlachter psychon at znc.in
Wed Nov 20 12:14:52 PST 2013


On 20.11.2013 11:12, Mitchell de Bruyn wrote:
> I'm was quickly going though the XCB tutorials and saw some small
> inconstancies in the example code. e.g. A variable 'window' is declared but
> later tries to use 'win' so obviously does not compile.
> Is there a preferred file I can diff to send a patch?
> Or should I just write a list of all the trivial changes I had to make
> before gcc would stop complaining?

If you really want to send in patches, the wiki is in a git repo:


> Thought I'd ask before abusing bugzilla.
> Mitch.
> ps. It's all trivial changes so anybody with a spare 20min and access to
> the wiki could fix it. Would be nice if the examples compiled.

Thanks a lot for looking at this, bringing it up and sending in a git commit 
(commit changes to git, get a file from "git format-patch origin/master..") and 
sorry that I am lazy (in my defense: I don't have a wiki-account for online 
editing either and I don't have my ssh key for working with the git repo with me 
right now). :-)


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