[Xcb] xinput.xml: remaining misc patches

Christian Linhart chris at DemoRecorder.com
Mon Aug 18 07:34:23 PDT 2014


In the next five posts, I'll post the remaining patches.

These are of different, misc categories.

This is the last set of patches from my xinput-review.


P.S.: With these patches, we hopefully have a stable base
for the next tasks.
Which are:
* implementing the features in the generator
  which are necessary for full xinput support.
* modifying xinput.xml accordingly to support the full protocol
  in a way that's also suitable for byte-order conversion
  as e.g. needed for server-side xcb.

I plan to finish complete xinput support by the end of this week.
I'll post patches for individual TODO-items 
as soon as I'll have finished and tested them
(together with the testcases).

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