[Xcb] I volunteer as maintainer of XCB

Christian Linhart chris at DemoRecorder.com
Tue Dec 16 07:17:59 PST 2014


It seems to me that XCB has no maintainer since quite a while.

Therefore I volunteer as maintainer of XCB.

I feel competent to fulfill the requirements for this role,
and I have motivation to do it, and interest in the continued success of XCB.

If there is already a maintainer,
or if somebody wants to volunteer for this role, too,
please post this here.

If, during next two weeks, nobody else volunteers, too,
and if there are no objections to me becoming XCB-maintainer,
I count this as approval by crickets.

If you have any questions please tell me or post them here,
and I'll be glad to answer them.



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