[Xcb] I volunteer as maintainer of XCB

Arnaud Fontaine arnau at debian.org
Wed Dec 24 18:06:02 PST 2014


Christian Linhart <chris at DemoRecorder.com> writes:

> It seems to me that XCB has no maintainer since quite a while.
> Therefore I volunteer as maintainer of XCB.
> I feel competent to fulfill the requirements for this role,
> and I have motivation to do it, and interest in the continued success of XCB.
> If there is already a maintainer,
> or if somebody wants to volunteer for this role, too,
> please post this here.
> If, during next two weeks, nobody else volunteers, too,
> and if there are no objections to me becoming XCB-maintainer,
> I count this as approval by crickets.
> If you have any questions please tell me or post them here,
> and I'll be glad to answer them.

I'm not  sure what maintainer's role  would involved from your  point of
view, but I  guess you're mainly talking about  releasing and committing
proposed patches so  I will give my  opinion about that (even  if I have
not been active myself  so much on XCB lately, but  as nobody else seems
to reply... ;-)).

For a while, XCB releases and committing proposed patches have been done
by someone having  time and/or motivation to release,  either decided on
his own or requested by someone on the mailing list, so I think there is
no need to have a maintainer per  se. Namely, as soon as you have commit
rights,  you can  make releases  and committing  proposed patches,  so I
don't really  see the point of  naming someone to such  role, but that's
just my opinion...

Arnaud Fontaine

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