[Xcb] [PATCHSET] ListInputDevices revision 2

Christian Linhart chris at DemoRecorder.com
Sun Nov 2 01:51:58 PST 2014


This thread will contain the second revision of the 
"ListInputDevices" - patchset.

I start a new thread here because Ran suggested that
because the old thread was already too messy.

The old thread was started by me on Sept 3, 2014
with Subject line "[Xcb] xinput: make ListInputDevices work, sumof with nested expr, ..."
and message id "<5406F80F.4020002 at DemoRecorder.com>"

This patchset will also be available at the follwing repo:


Branch: ListInputDevices

The actual branch to be used has a version added.
such as "ListInputDevices-V7".

Always use the branch with the highest version, please.



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