[Xcb] [PATCH libxcb 2/3] generator: support lists of structs which contain a switch

Christian Linhart chris at DemoRecorder.com
Sun Sep 21 03:32:32 PDT 2014

Hi Ran,

On 09/19/14 15:16, Ran Benita wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> The thing is, c_client.py is really hard to follow and understand,
> particularly after support for switch-cases and other more difficult
> stuff was added for xkb. And all of these things were added back then,
> it seems, without much thought for maintainability (don't get me wrong
> though - something is better than nothing!). 
I agree with all of that.

I try to make my changes as minimal as possible 
and in a way that avoids (or minimizes) making it worse.
But it's somehow a challenge...

> So it requires a lot of
> time to give a proper review, if you want to understand what's going on.
I am aware of that.

> I will try to review your further changes, but I don't know when. I'm
> really looking forward to having working xinput and complete xkb.
I appreciate the time and motivation that you invest in that.
Do the reviewing when it suits you.
No need to get stressed about that.
There's no hurry.

I was simply trying to offer some help in case that lack of 
explanation on my part were the problem.

> Hopefully an XCB dev will chime in and you can come up with a plan for
> merging the changes.
Yep, it would be very nice if another XCB dev chimed in. 

Merging the changes will be easy because there are no conflicting changes
in the official repo yet.

In theory we could merge it without reviewing, and repairing it afterwards as necessary.
(or just reviewing the diffs of the generated code in order to check that
it doesn't break anything.)

But I don't know whether it'll be wise to merge unreviewed changes...


In any case I understand very well that you can only invest some limited quantity of time in XCB.

In fact I am in a similar situation mow because I have used up my 
time and budget for this project, so I have to reduce
my activity significantly. But I'll still remain active at a slower pace.


> Ran
>> Chris

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