[Xcb] License of XCB-XML and GPL v3+

josh at joshtriplett.org josh at joshtriplett.org
Wed Aug 5 10:17:04 PDT 2015

On Wed, Aug 05, 2015 at 04:57:03PM +0000, Bart Massey wrote:
> That said, if you are asking whether you can relicense specifically X code
> such as XCB XML under the GPL (or any other license) the answer is no,
> unless you can get permission from all copyright holders to do so. (It's
> not your code, so you can't control its licensing.) The project you are
> working with will have to settle for including the XCB XML under its
> existing license (which should be fine), for doing without it, or for
> getting agreement from all who have contributed to it. That last seems
> quite hard to me.

Note, though, that unless the project you're contributing to is
extremely unusual, it should suffice that the XCB license is
GPL-compatible, and thus you can combine XCB code and GPLed code in one

- Josh Triplett

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