[Xcb] New release of xcb ?

Olivier Fourdan ofourdan at redhat.com
Wed Aug 26 02:21:24 PDT 2015

Hi all,

> [...]
> > Or you could make a branch for this in the official repo and make an
> > official
> > release out of that that is just the last release + 64bit API patch.
> That's a very good idea!
> Let's give it some more time to see how the other fixes go and, if needed,
> we'll do that if everyone agrees.

So, err, does this offer still stand?

 - The new version would 1.12, right?
 - The SONAME wouldn't need to be bumped as it's only API addition, not chnages, would it? 
 - The branch would be xcb-1.12 (yet, I don't see any branch named xcb-1.10 nor 1.11 in git, only xcb-1.9)

Anyhow, I am not going to push anything myself, so I'd set up all this in my fd.o user account and send the patches/link/pull request for review.

Does that sound okay?


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