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> On 07/18/15 10:19 AM, Ben Hildred wrote:
>> On Sat, Jul 18, 2015 at 9:42 AM, Alan Coopersmith <
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>> <mailto:alan.coopersmith at oracle.com>> wrote:
>>     xcb_setup_roots_iterator just sets up a small structure with pointers
>> to the
>>     list of roots in the xcb_setup_t and the mechanism to walk it without
>> exposing
>>     the structure details to callers.
>> and that explains a lot of the examples, I have seen the walker function
>> too,
>> but I have not seen a corresponding free function. Does it set up the
>> indexes in
>> the connection structure or is that fourth line just a small memory leak
>> as only
>> the data member is used or saved and the structure returned never freed?
> It appears to return a structure, not a pointer to a structure, so callers
> are
> responsible for allocating & freeing space for that structure to be copied
> into,
> and I expect most are doing so on their stack instead of via malloc.
> (Honestly,
> I'd not noticed that bit of it's API before, so I may have misunderstood
> it.)
>  If it is a structure that is returned then we don't have a memory leak
(presuming the compiler can actually pass structures without putting it's
foot in it). Thanks for all your help. I have also contributed some to the
perl package X11::XCB which is an xcb wrapper that may someday be complete.

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Nice, blog. I have added it to my feed reader.

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