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On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 1:44 PM, Peter Harris <pharris at opentext.com> wrote:

> For the most part, strings are lists of "char" and lists of small
> integers are lists of "BYTE", "CARD8", or "INT8".
> I haven't audited the entire code base to see if this convention is used
> consistently. A patch to fix any deviations would be appreciated.
> Peter Harris
I will look closer at this, but if this is the case it is nowhere near
obvious as I have half a screenfull of special cases in Just xproto.

> Aside: PolyText(8|16) is a troublesome case that needs to be a list of
> (something that contains a <switch>) instead of "BYTE", since "char"
> wouldn't be correct in the current description either.
> What were they thinking when the wrote the poly text part of the protocol?
I have not found a use for them that image text and setting a font does not
do better without the weird magic length. Especially since truetype support
is moving client side. These were the worst offenders for special cases as
they each got their own (maybe two each when I get the font part working in

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