[Xcb] [Bug 84252] DRI3 rendering gets stuck waiting for present idle notify event

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Thu Feb 11 09:15:07 CET 2016


--- Comment #63 from Nikola Šnele <n.schnelle at gmail.com> ---
@Martin Peres

Yes I have to wait day or two of uptime to get hit by the bug. On fresh boot I
cannot reproduce it. But when freeze does happen I can easily reproduce it
everytime until next restart/boot up.

When freeze does happen, I have to kill plasmashell and run it again to
unfreeze it, and then I can reproduce the bug with 
xset dpms force off; sleep 2; kdialog --passivepopup foo 5
or sending ping notification from kdeconnect (any notification when display is
in dpms off state will freeze plasmashell).

Can you tell me how to get xtrace (backtrace)? I am noob about this stuff.

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