[Xcb] [Bug 98048] libpthread-stubs must NOT provide symbols which depend on actual implementation

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Thu Oct 6 16:26:27 UTC 2016


--- Comment #3 from Ben Widawsky <ben at bwidawsk.net> ---
(In reply to Emil Velikov from comment #2)
> Actually seems like libpthreads-stub has decided to pick the hacky patch,
> despite my suggestion not to :-\
> Rob, Ben, you recall when I said it is not a good idea and it will cause
> grief ;-)

Can you remind me of the conversation? Pthread stubs are just stubs, I'm
confused why it's a bad idea to add stubbed symbols which are actually required
to build. If you need the functionality, and it's not provided by libc, I don't
see how not having a stubbed function will save you.

> Well here it is (ableit not sure what/how exactly libpthread-stubs.so ends
> up in Ian's link chain)
> Gents, can we revert fa6db2f9c018c54a47e94c0175450303d700aa92 ?

I'm fine with revert as long as things still build. I'd like to understand
things a bit better first.

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