[Xcb] New pthread-stubs release?

Christian Linhart chris at DemoRecorder.com
Sat Mar 11 10:58:06 UTC 2017

Hi Uli,

When you prepare the release please update the version-dependency
between libxcb and proto.

There is at least one change so that libxcb only builds when proto is up to date.

The dependency is in https://cgit.freedesktop.org/xcb/libxcb/tree/configure.ac#n53
as far as I know.
The line is:
  PKG_CHECK_MODULES(XCBPROTO, xcb-proto >= 1.12)

Thank you,


On 2017-03-06 13:48, Uli Schlachter wrote:
> Hi,
> assuming the FreeBSD issue really no longer applies: Should we do a new
> pthread-stubs release soon-ish?
> Uli

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