[Xcb] State of XInputExtension (was: New pthread-stubs release?)

Uli Schlachter psychon at znc.in
Sat Mar 11 11:19:26 UTC 2017

Hi Christian,

On 11.03.2017 11:58, Christian Linhart wrote:
> When you prepare the release please update the version-dependency
> between libxcb and proto.
> There is at least one change so that libxcb only builds when proto is up to date.

I only plan to do a pthread-stubs release. No libxcb or xcb-proto
release. But thanks for the pointer. :-)

I'll switch the topic:

Thanks for your work on the Input protocol. Sorry that I cannot help
much there. However, I was wondering about: What is the state of XInput
support in XCB? As far as I know, it is the only remaining extension
that is of wider interest[1] and that is not enabled by default in XCB.
Do we have a list of remaining issues or something like that?

[1]: This seems to exclude Xprint and SELinux.



If you have to type the letters "A-E-S" into your source code, you're
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