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Lucas Augusto Valentim Dantas lucasvalentim at outlook.com.br
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I found those values by looking into the source code, probably libxcb's, since they are passed to the second argument of the function xcb_send_request(), as can be seen here (although the "sequence" argument is gone already): https://xcb.freedesktop.org/ProtocolExtensionApi/#index3h2 but that page doesn't explain what they do.
My goal with this tutorial is to provide enough for the reader to understand the X documentation so he is able to "navigate" on his own, that is what I am trying to do myself.
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On 2021-02-10 Lucas wrote:
> I am writing a XCB tutorial as an exercise, so far, this is what I
> have https://biteiro.ga/xcb.html
> There are a few things I couldn't find details yet, such as what does

Those values are for internal use by libxcb (and/or xlib), and are not intended to be used by a normal user of libxcb.

Who is your tutorial intended for? Showing the inner workings is more of a "deep documentation" thing than a "tutorial" thing.

> Are there any
> explanations on the members of the struct xcb_unmap_window_request_t?

libxcb is a thin wrapper around the X11 protocol. As such, the documentation for those fields can be found at:



Peter Harris
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