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Wed Feb 24 11:24:11 UTC 2021

Hello to the list; a little introduction is needed.
I'm here because I'm writing a new kit, XCBKit n objective-c on linux, using GNUstep.
The purpose of the kit is to enable faster window manager development in OOP paradigm. You can look the status of the kit at the following link:
and the status of the window manager at this link:
https://github.com/AlessandroSangiuliano/uroswm (introduction ends here)
Actually I noticed that on moving a window clicking on the title bar I have some flickering. I was thinking t a performance problem of my code, but i discovered that the flickering is coming with an high DPI mouse, while with internal trackpad or "normal/standard" mouses everthing work good. (branch resizing on github)
I have difficulties to explain this problme with words the best way is showing you what is happening, so I recorded a little video with the phone. I'm sorry for the quality but it was a bit hard keeping the phone with a hand and moving the window with the other.
The first movement session in the video is done with the internal trakpad and also with a normal mouse. The second movement session is done with an high DPI mouse, a Corsait M65 Pro that can reaches 18.000 DPI and the user can increase or decrease by a 2 buttons on the mouse.
I didn't attached the archive of the video to the mail because it is around 15Mb you can download it from this link:
The name of the file reflects the content.
How I could solve the problem?

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