mosfet claims

Havoc Pennington hp at
Fri Aug 15 18:11:32 EEST 2003


Mosfet has some wrong claims on his web site, here are the facts

 1. XWin is not and has never been a development project or X fork.

    In fact the first line on the web site is:
    " is a forum for community participation in X, not a
     development project."
    (this line is dated from April)

    You can find discussion of Cairo here:
    and fontconfig here:
    both with lots of recent discussions.

    As posted earlier to this list, we're looking at moving these
    projects to and moving to better
    hosting, in part to let people other than me run the server. See

    The new server is being set up right now, mail keithp or get him
    on #freedesktop if you are interested in helping out with it or
    want to know details of the setup.

 2. The gconf/glib stuff is bogus.  Mosfet says "I welcome their
    direct rebuttal saying the story is untrue." It is in fact
    untrue. I would not even be in favor of using those in the X
    server - if someone proposed it, I would shoot them down.


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