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Mosfet dan.duley at
Fri Aug 15 19:28:23 EEST 2003

Okay, wonderful, this is indeed good news.

As far as the XWin stuff, the the situation was this:

1) There is a lot of private discussion and nothing public being said.
2) Someone I know pretty well said you personally were involved in getting 
both glibc and gconf into Keith's X server.
3) I posted it as unconfirmed on my site.

I'm very glad to hear you unconditionally shot this down!

On Friday 15 August 2003 10:11 am, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> Mosfet has some wrong claims on his web site, here are the facts
> quickly.
>  1. XWin is not and has never been a development project or X fork.
>     In fact the first line on the web site is:
>     " is a forum for community participation in X, not a
>      development project."
>     (this line is dated from April)
>     You can find discussion of Cairo here:
>     and fontconfig here:
>     both with lots of recent discussions.
>     As posted earlier to this list, we're looking at moving these
>     projects to and moving to better
>     hosting, in part to let people other than me run the server. See
>     The new server is being set up right now, mail keithp or get him
>     on #freedesktop if you are interested in helping out with it or
>     want to know details of the setup.
>  2. The gconf/glib stuff is bogus.  Mosfet says "I welcome their
>     direct rebuttal saying the story is untrue." It is in fact
>     untrue. I would not even be in favor of using those in the X
>     server - if someone proposed it, I would shoot them down.
> Havoc
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