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Thomas Leonard tal00r at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Fri Aug 22 13:11:54 EEST 2003

On Fri, Aug 22, 2003 at 02:04:45AM +1000, John Ryland wrote:
> > [ Oddly, konq doesn't actually save the text, but rather four random
> > octets... need to look into that... konq is 3.1.3 here.
> Hi
> If you feel like digging in to this, there is a Qt example
> program called dragdrop which is handy for debugging
> what mimetypes and the data of drag objects.

Looks like konqueror is requesting the target GTK_TEXT_BUFFER_CONTENTS,
which is the address of the GtkTextBuffer object in the process's address
space, and saving that. Not very useful.

It's not really clear whose fault this is. I think konq should be a little
more intelligent about what target it requests (eg, prefer a valid MIME

Looks like this is another aspect of bug 35192 (opened 2001-11-21), where
konq tries to save the XDS status code instead of the file contents:


Perhaps konq could request the first target with a '/' in the name?

While searching, I also found a bug report for the file:/ bug, reported
by the author of the XDND protocol, on 2001-12-19 (bug 36297). Looks like
konq doesn't follow the spec in order to work with older applications.

Perhaps we need a new target for 'non-broken text/uri-list' (eg,
XdndUriList; this also avoids abusing the MIME system to send meta-data).
We could write very strict rules about what to accept and what to reject
and get the current filemanagers to enforce the rules.

This wouldn't break existing applications, as following the spec correctly
currently does (dragging to gedit 2.2.1 still fails if the sender follows
the XDND spec correctly).

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