[Annoyances] X-Windows Copy & Paste

Lars Hallberg spam at micropp.se
Fri Aug 22 14:10:25 EEST 2003

Linas Vepstas wrote:

>Whatever you do, please don't remove left-select, middle-click paste.

Agre 100%. And don't dissable it - will just add to the confusion - why 
do different x-desktops work different?? The spec shuld rely say both 
selection and clipboard must be suported! At least shuld - may is way 
too weak!

Selection shuld continu workin with unformated text, clipboard may 
suport rich media, and in that case using the same mekanism as drag'n 
drop sounds natural and sane!

When moving/copying somthing from one app to another, one may want to do 
one of 4 things (if the data is somway text, else A make no sens):

A) Copy unformated text.

B) Copy formated text (or other media).

C) Copy it as live embeded data (bonobo and alternativs).

D) Make a live link to the data in the original document.

C and D is hardly possably cross desktops, so its less intresting her. A 
is covered by selections, B is a god job for the clipboard. Making 
selection and clipboard do different fings probably makes it easyer for 
user to anderstand why thay ar completly separate. And giving the user 
full controll betwin if A or B is used is a real good feature!

Clipboardand drag'n drop shuld preferably be extandable so desktop can 
make them handel C and D when passably. So, on drop or (clipboard) 
paste, the app can find out if the source is compatible and ask the user 
wich of B, C and D they want to do (limeted to the possably choces).

Possably, C and D is best handeled by a separate mekanism thou... don't 


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