[mime-info database] inode types

Jaap Karssenberg j.g.karssenberg at student.utwente.nl
Sat Aug 23 23:51:50 EEST 2003


It seems to me that the shared mime-info database lacks a mime type
"inode/file", I think it should exist. Now it may seem useless because
determining a more detailed mimetype then 'inode/file' is the whole
point of the mime-info database, but it could be usefull for a program
to determine the "inode-type" of a node and describe it in terms of
mime-types. Also it would simply be more logical to have a complete set
of inode types then to have an incomplete set.

One could also argue that when the 'inode/file' type exist this should
be the default instead of 'text/plain', because it is a more accurate
description for a file without a determined mime-type. It seems to me
that the default 'text/plain' is quite arbitrary and that the choice of
the default mimetype can be application dependant. For example a media
player could use something like 'video/mpeg' as default while a browser
might default to 'text/html'.

Please treat these two paragraphs as separate proposals, if you don't
want to change the default, at least consider adding the 'inode/file'

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