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On Friday 22 August 2003 16:38, Richard Boulton wrote:
> I've been hacking a few patches to applications that I use to make them
> follow the basedir specification.  [My main motivation for this is that
> I have a newly installed machine, and I'm trying to keep the home
> directories reasonably clean.]
> I would like to submit these patches to the application maintainers, but
> at present I think there is little likelihood of them being accepted
> since the specification is relatively immature, and accepting the
> patches would break the application for all other users (by changing the
> locations which are searched for configuration files).

There is no specification that I am aware of that specifies where applications 
should store their configuration files and that is based on the basedir spec.

> If there was a well defined means by which basedir support could be
> added to applications without it being the default, at least initially,
> I believe getting such patches accepted would be much easier.
> The attached patch to the basedir specification is my attempt at adding
> such a mechanism.  I hope its reasonably self-explanatory.

I think what is needed first is a specification that explains how applications 
should store application specific configuration files based on the basedir 
spec. A migration path could then be part of that specification.

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