Shared documentation system

p.carsten at p.carsten at
Mon Dec 8 15:51:12 EET 2003

Shaun wrote:
> On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 05:27, Thomas Leonard wrote:
> > Well, since you asked (though I don't suppose it's very useful):
> > 
> > We store application documentation inside the applications [folder/
> > directory], so we don't need an indexing system.
> > All normal document formats are therefore supported.

> > Help that isn't attached to any application (HOWTOs, etc) just have their
> > own directory anyway, so you can put them in /Documentation/HOWTOs, etc
> > and access/search them via the normal filer interface, as with your other
> > documents.

As I see it that is not that far away from the proposal. Everything that makes a central registration unnecessary probably comes down to a filesystem based solution and some meta-data.

Meta-data format could be harmonized and both help approaches, AppDir and installation into a filesystem hierachie could be allowed. That way the documentation could also be read even before a package is being traditionally installed.

BTW: This would also be my general suggestion for AppDir functionality. Integration into a distribution independent package format like autopackage or simmilar would benefit all I think. No matter how one finally prefers to  store his apps on his system.

> As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that a help viewer and a web
> browser have in common is a document viewing component.

OTOH, with a common help system meeting the proposed goals the only difference I see now would be some "branding" and usage of environment specific tools, or not? I'am just interested, as you said I understand it is policy stuff not concerning a common help system.


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