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Robert Woerle robert at
Tue Dec 9 10:43:47 EET 2003

Keith Packard schrieb:

> Looking good, but I'd suggest a couple of changes.
> I'm not sure what to do about KdTsPhyScreenPtr, but if we want to 
> preserve this hack, I suggest that we at least eliminate the extra 
> global variable and reference the screen directly from 
> screenInfo.screens[0] instead.  You might, actually, pass the screen 
> number associated with the touch screen on the command line and use that.
ill look into that ...

> Second, the serial port name should be specified on the command line 
> instead of being hard-wired to ttyS0.  In a perfect world, you'd find 
> a way to autodetect the touchscreen and add hooks into mouse.c 
> instead, but that may be too hard. 

in the specs of the manufacurer of the touchscreen there was some hook 
to detect , but when tryied once i did
not succeed ...
but of course making it a command line is doable and actually was a goal 
for me which i forgot .

> Perhaps something like:
>     -touch <device>{,<option>}... where option is
>         cal=WxH+X+Y
>         ...
> Oh, and I saw a white-space changing edit to kdrive.h; it would be 
> nice to fix that if possible.
i ll try my best ...;-)

> -keith
thanks for the feedback ...
i am still fighting the mouse events ( i just dont get this matrix 
thing?? seems that i am not ready to be "removed "    ) .. as soon as i 
suceed and i can use the touchscreen in a normal way , ill make another 
patch ( also including your suggested changes )


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