serial touchscreen

Keith Packard keithp at
Tue Dec 9 20:28:31 EET 2003

Around 9 o'clock on Dec 9, Robert Woerle wrote:

> i am still fighting the mouse events ( i just dont get this matrix 
> thing?? seems that i am not ready to be "removed "    ) .. as soon as i 
> suceed and i can use the touchscreen in a normal way , ill make another 
> patch ( also including your suggested changes )

When you rotate the screen, you may (or may not) want to rotate the input 
events as well.  The matrix lets you manipulate the input events so that 
device motion and screen motion are correlated.  For the touchscreen, 
you'll want to rotate the input events to match the screen rotation.  The 
existing iPaq touchscreen code should show you what to do.


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