GStreamer on freedesktop

"Marc Boris Dürner" mduerner at
Tue Dec 9 12:59:06 EET 2003

Isnt GStreamer using glib? This might be not be an option for KDE. Or was
freed from glib dependencies? 
On Tuesday 09 December 2003 11:08, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote: 
> Hi, 
> I had already discussed this informally with Owen and Havoc, and with 
> our team.  We would like to move GStreamer to to make 
> clear we intend it to be used by all desktops, and to have more control 
> over the actual CVS repository for some pending reorganizations. 
> For this to happen we wanted to know what the procedure is for getting 
> our developers accounts to access CVS, and how to get administrative 
> rights to manipulate the CVSROOT directly. 
> After that, I hope to quickly move the complete repository over when 
> everything works, so we can continue concentrating on stabilizing the 
> API for our coming 0.8 release. 
> Let me know what to do. 
> Thanks, 
> Thomas 
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