GStreamer on freedesktop

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at
Tue Dec 9 13:28:26 EET 2003

El mar, 09-12-2003 a las 11:59, "Marc Boris Dürner" escribió:
> Hi, 
> Isnt GStreamer using glib? This might be not be an option for KDE. Or was
> gstreamer 
> freed from glib dependencies? 


No, GStreamer still uses glib and (optionally, though I haven't recently
tried without it) libxml.  It uses Glib because it's the right tool for
the job.

I'm not sure it's not an option for KDE.  Tim Janik has made C++/Qt
bindings, Scott Wheeler has written JuK with a GStreamer backend using
them, and I've heard from other KDE people as well that are interested.

Also, it's 2003, going on 2004, I'm pretty sure a lot of people are
willing to move on beyond doctrine :) If KDE doesn't want to use
GStreamer, I cannot make them.  But Freedesktop seems to be the right
place for GStreamer to live given our goals.  In the end it is the code
that will do the talking.


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