GStreamer on freedesktop

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Tue Dec 9 13:47:37 EET 2003

Quoting Thomas Vander Stichele <thomas at>: 
> Also, it's 2003, going on 2004, I'm pretty sure a lot of people are 
> willing to move on beyond doctrine :) If KDE doesn't want to use 
> GStreamer, I cannot make them.  But Freedesktop seems to be the right 
> place for GStreamer to live given our goals.  In the end it is the code 
> that will do the talking. 
I can vouch for the fact that there are KDE people that are interested, though 
there's nothing of a formal concensus at this point.  There's still a lot of 
discussion yet to come on the KDE 4 multimedia side (which I'll save for the 
KDE lists), but that's still a while out. 
I personally don't object to it being in Freedesktop's CVS in the context that 
there's no artificial "standardization" implied by that.  i.e. I'd be just as 
open to a competitor with similar goals being there... 

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