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Andrew Sobala aes at
Tue Dec 9 15:14:17 EET 2003

On Tue, 2003-12-09 at 12:39, "Marc Boris Dürner" wrote:
> Dear Thomas, 
> I may seem a bit aggressive here, but I assure you I am not ;) I do not want
> Gnome or 
> GTK to die, nor do I want KDE to dominate the world. Most of the code I
> write does not 
> use Qt, except some little frontends. I am neither a KDE person nor a Gnome
> person; 
> maybe a GNU person;) 
> was sold to the masses as a zone, where there would be room
> for 
> creativity without the boundary of politics. It was promised that no desktop
> specific 
> dependencies would be allowed therefore. In the beginning there were mostly
> file format 
> specs discussed, which is great! 
> Then there was the start of dbus and HAL, which was kept neutral by
> implementing it 
> without a dependency on glib or qt. It can even be seen as a reference
> implementation 
> and if you wanted you could reimplement it in any language/toolkit you want.
> Again a 
> great thing! You have the freedesktop Xserver and cairo not depending on
> anything 
> desktop specific. Excellent! 
> I just want to make sure keeps its promises and becomes
> NEITHER kde 
> NOR g* dependant! 

And to rehash the discussion that has happened before, keeping all
dependencies out of freedesktop just because another desktop has already
implemented the feature will just lead to massive code duplication as
everyone rewrites it and bugs in the implementation.

We live in a world where the base GNOME and KDE libraries have wide
adoption. They're going to be installed on just about every distribution
out there.

Glib is a utility library, most of which quite a few people think should
be in standard libc. Linked lists, hashes and so on. Then there's the
GObject bit, which is a nice object system, and is a bit more
controversial but highly useful (and used by gstreamer for that reason).
But depending on glib isn't depending on GNOME; it's features to extend
C. If you wanted to depend on GNOME, you'd introduce a GTK dependency.

If QObject is separable from Qt, and it said in the thread that it isn't
quite yet but will be in the future, let's make cool software that uses
that too.

And in the end we'll be able to give the cool software to the masses who
don't give a damn how the object system is implemented, and people won't
have to use proprietary software any more, and then we'll get world
peace. Or something.

Merry Christmas,

Andrew Sobala <aes at>
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