GStreamer on freedesktop

"Marc Boris Dürner" mduerner at
Tue Dec 9 15:23:43 EET 2003

> And to rehash the discussion that has happened before, keeping all 
> dependencies out of freedesktop just because another desktop has already 
> implemented the feature will just lead to massive code duplication as 
> everyone rewrites it and bugs in the implementation. 
> We live in a world where the base GNOME and KDE libraries have wide 
> adoption. They're going to be installed on just about every distribution 
> out there. 
> Glib is a utility library, most of which quite a few people think should 
> be in standard libc. Linked lists, hashes and so on. Then there's the 
> GObject bit, which is a nice object system, and is a bit more 
> controversial but highly useful (and used by gstreamer for that reason). 
Or just use stdc++. Thats at least a iso-standard (KDE and Gnome even depend
on it) 
and much better reviewed and tested than that home-brewed glib punch. 

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