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"Marc Boris Dürner" mduerner at
Tue Dec 9 15:54:06 EET 2003

On Tuesday 09 December 2003 14:47, you wrote: 
> >  I would stay away from glib dependancies, but in the end all you really

> > do with HAL is 
> > providing a reference implementation. 
> I suggest you stop trying to make the life of people writing C library 
> much harder, and that you step up to cleanly remove the glib 
> dependencies when their library/daemon is starting to get widely used. 
I am way, way ahead of you ;)  
BTW David said that himself, as he is only providing a USB/PCI/SCSI support
for now IIRC. 
> Christophe who is already bored of those glib/qt rants. 
Marc who is bored of antique C libraries ;) 

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