GStreamer on freedesktop

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at
Tue Dec 9 18:50:39 EET 2003

El mar, 09-12-2003 a las 17:05, "Marc Boris Dürner" escribió:
> Is that not why dbus is being developed? What do you think the linux distros
> are going to 
> do? You must be very naive to think that RedHat would ship something that is
> actually 
> compatible... 

Hi Marc,

despite your nice disclaimer a few mails ago where you said you really
aren't a negative guy after I asked if I was being used as cannon
fodder, and despite your claim that you would keep it on topic, your
last slew of mails (that makes ten in less than ten hours, I don't know
how you manage that) are completely on a different tangent.

All I wanted to know was if it's ok to get GStreamer onto freedesktop,
as was discussed previously but informally.  We are ready to make the

You claim to be here to make sure freedesktop lives up to its promise as
if freedesktop owes you some things just because it has a mission goal,
but in reality I seem to get the impression after being on this list for
less than a day that your constant posting is doing more to stifle the
actual discussion.

I am new here so it's not in my place to say much about the list.  But
as a newbie who doesn't know you at all I feel I should tell you that
you are in fact scaring possible contributors away, while doing nothing
to help the actual discussion of topics.

So I will not further post on this topic unless it is about the actual
question I posed; what sort of things do I still have to do to get
GStreamer accepted on freedesktop and how can I migrate CVSROOT and our
developers ?

Sorry for having started such a useless thread :) It really was an
innocent question.

> regards, 
> Marc 

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