Was: GStreamer on freedesktop Is: Yay! the glib flamewar is back!

George jirka at 5z.com
Tue Dec 9 19:51:48 EET 2003

On Tue, Dec 09, 2003 at 01:39:02PM +0100, "Marc Boris Dürner" wrote:
> I just want to make sure freedesktop.org keeps its promises and becomes
> NEITHER kde 
> NOR g* dependant! 

I know.  Let's rename glib to klib or qlib.  Nobody will have problems with
it then.

Seriously I hope people are not evaluating the use of some "technology" on
the basis of what lib is used in the specific implementation.  Especially if
it's a lib as widely installed and widely used as glib.  Same goes for any
other lib developped for any other project and starting with any other

So I truly hope that people doing the coding are smart enough to see beyond
the naming and political wankiness.  Yes adding another lib to dependency
just for a small feature seems somewhat stupid.  Adding another widely
installed lib to your dependencies for a major feature or a set of features,
or for increasing the interoperability between desktops seems smart.  This is
not just glib but any lib on the dependency stacks of both KDE and GNOME.
Using a lib only makes you dependent ON THAT LIB and IT'S DEPENDENCIES, not
on some political agenda.  For example: I don't have to smoke the same crack
that RMS smokes just because I use some library from FSF (actually I think
I'd need crack to use some of it).  I don't have to smoke the GNOME crack to
use glib, and I don't have to smoke the KDE crack to use Qt.  On the other
hand I don't have to smoke much crack at all to use glib because it doesn't
have a lot of dependencies itself.  Qt forces quite a bit more crack, such as
X dependency and GPL (not that GPL is crack, but I as a developper might
really wish to use a non-GPL compatible free software license in which case
I'd be screwed with Qt as far as I understand it) and obviously I can't use
Qt for something non-gui that nicely.


PS: I have finished my two hard finals so I'm in a mood to flame.  SO:

  "You are all on crack, you library hating, crack smoking nazis!"

(Isn't that supposed to end a flamewar?  Or does that work only on usenet?)

PS2: Actually, so far there was only one person in the thread totally on
crack IMO so perhaps you should run s/all// and s/nazis/nazi/

PS3: Feel free to flame me, I yearn for some good flamage ...  I have
burnproof underpants ...  Obviously you can note that I have lost all my good
taste and got over that "try to be nice to people smoking crack while
responding to email" phase of my life.  If this goes on ... I'll become
a frenchman.

PS4: Also obviously, none of this has anything to do with GStreamer being on
freedesktop.  It has every right to be.  Freedesktop doesn't mandate
anything, so I don't see why something can't be here, even if it uses
libcrackusmaximus or whatnot.

PS5: Note, for people who want to put more fuel on the flames.  Try
suggesting that instead of using plain glib, that things should be written in
gob.  You are bound to get a lot of milage out of that.

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