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Martin Konold martin.konold at erfrakon.de
Wed Dec 10 02:47:29 EET 2003


just for correctness:

> use glib because it doesn't have a lot of dependencies itself.  Qt forces
> quite a bit more crack, such as X dependency

wrong Qt works also on non X systems as linux frame buffer, OS X, Win32 and no 
GUI at all.

> and GPL (not that GPL is 
> crack, but I as a developper might really wish to use a non-GPL compatible
> free software license in which case I'd be screwed with Qt as far as I
> understand it)

wrong Qt is triple licensed. It is fine to create LGPL or BSD code with the 
free (as in beer) version of Qt.

> and obviously I can't use Qt for something non-gui that 
> nicely.

I use Qt reqularily in non GUI network servers like xml-rpc servers due to its 
superiour and reliable network and container classes.

-- martin

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