GStreamer on freedesktop

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at
Wed Dec 10 00:18:44 EET 2003

On Tuesday 09 December 2003 22:02, you wrote:
> > glib compares to basic C++ and small parts of libstdc++
> >
> > The best argument against glib, is that is just a weak and ugly
> > simulation of C++. As such it is mostly usefull for zealots who craves
> > the power of C++, but refuses to wield it.
> [Replying off list since it does not seem worth it]
> Aren't you confusing glib and gobject (shipped in the same tarball, but
> different libs) ?
> gobject is indeed an object system, which you can consider being a weak
> an ugly simulation of C++ if you want ;)
Sure I am. The part of glib, that is problem with GStreamer is gobject.
The point being that the glib-discussion isnt really KDE vs. GNOME, but C vs 
C++, but equally religious and pointless.

The problem with gstreamer, is that the design choices are by no means  
agnostic. It's designed to fit in and fill some of the voids in the 
GNOME-environment, and while it could be used _from_ KDE, it could never work 
a part of, as I does things in it is own way (porting gstreamer completly to 
KDE would _proberbly_ be a lovely project taking up less than 50% of the 
current code, but being impossible to comaintain with original gstreamer).  

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