GStreamer on freedesktop

Jim Gettys Jim.Gettys at
Wed Dec 10 18:01:29 EET 2003

As Havoc said, is happy to host any project
that is even roughly on-topic, and gstreamer is certainly one of
them, much closer to being dead on topic than many I'd be happy to do
so with little thought.

It is a *very* different discussion what becomes a standard part
of desktop infrastructure, and that requires buy-in from the
overall  community, typically by multiple projects using a
technology for real.  If gstreamer doesn't find acceptance in
the fullness of time, so be it, it won't.  Success is measured
by acceptance and uptake.  If design decisions of gstreamer
inhibit that acceptance, that is gstreamer's problem to solve.

We want the inertia for projects to get going to be low, the
opportunity for collaboration high.

So I'd like to see the discussions of whether gstreamer is good
or bad to go on on appropriate mailing lists (like the
gstreamer mailing lists), not endlessly
debated about whether or not they should be allowed hosting.

And insults don't belong on anyone's mailing lists, at any time.
                  - Jim Gettys

On Wed, 2003-12-10 at 05:24, Julien Olivier wrote:
> > > You are a very misguided individual. 
> >  
> > I thank you for making me a martyr! 
> I know I will regret saying this but... you seem to me more like an
> idiot than a martyr.
> I'm not used to insulting people on mailing lists but I just can't stand
> your behaviour.
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