Was: GStreamer on freedesktop Is: Yay! the glib flamewar is back!

Oswald Buddenhagen ossi at kde.org
Wed Dec 10 05:56:06 EET 2003

On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 01:47:29AM +0100, Martin Konold wrote:
> just for correctness:
unfortunately i have to shoot you down. completely. :}

> > use glib because it doesn't have a lot of dependencies itself.  Qt
> > forces quite a bit more crack, such as X dependency
> wrong Qt works also on non X systems as linux frame buffer, OS X,
> Win32 and no GUI at all.
but that's not relevant. we're talking about a unix desktop build. it
has a hard dependency on x and lots of other libs. glib does not. that's

> > and GPL (not that GPL is crack, but I as a developper might really
> > wish to use a non-GPL compatible free software license in which case
> > I'd be screwed with Qt as far as I understand it)
> wrong Qt is triple licensed. It is fine to create LGPL or BSD code
> with the free (as in beer) version of Qt.
both lgpl and (modified) bsd _are_ gpl-compatible. but i suppose there
are oss-licences where the qpl actually helps.

> > and obviously I can't use Qt for something non-gui that nicely.
> I use Qt reqularily in non GUI network servers like xml-rpc servers
> due to its superiour and reliable network and container classes.
"nicely" for me includes "loads in less than 5 seconds from cold cache".
however, trolltech is supposedly working on making this a non-issue. ;)

object-orientation with c vs. c++? well, some people like to type a lot
... ;)


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