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On Fri December 12 2003 16:17, Frederic Crozat wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm currently trying to fix desktop-file-utils (and GNOME new gnome-vfs
> method) to be compliant with menu-spec 0.8.
> I'm almost there but I still having difficulties with test "e" and I'm
> not sure this test is complete and the example in menu spec is correct :
> -in test "e", all files in legacy_dir/Development have a Categories line
> "Qt;KDE;Development", so it doesn't allow you to check if merging legacy
> dir is working correctly (because thoses desktop files will go in
> "Development" anyway..).

Good point, have updated the test to take that into account.

> -the "Legacy" add for Categories in the spec is not very clear (at least
> for me, I'm not a native english speaker). I had to read the sentence
> several times to be sure "Legacy" can only be added when Categories is
> already existing in the desktop file (and I'm still not 100% sure of my
> understanding). BTW, we don't test for this Legacy category in the test
> suite.

Yes, I'm not sure how to interpret this either.

> -we are missing (I think) a <LegacyDir prefix="foobar"> test (I'm not
> sure if it should be merged in test "e" or put in a separate test).

I recommend a separate test.

> -in the same idea, there is no <KDELegacyDirs> test.

That might be difficult since kde-config will return the compiled-in install 
path for $KDEDIR/share/apps/applnk, so it will be hard to create a controlled 
test environment. It is bound to pick up whatever (legacy) parts of KDE you 
have installed.

> -I tried to apply the example given in the spec for transforming a
> legacy dir into a XDG menu file. I got the following result 
> This would mean all three "Development" desktop file will have
> Developement-*.desktop desktop-id, which is not correct.
> I think the correct file should be :
> So menu spec example should fixed.

Which example do you mean exactly?

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