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Fri Dec 12 19:11:12 EET 2003

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> On Fri December 12 2003 16:17, Frederic Crozat wrote:
> > -the "Legacy" add for Categories in the spec is not very clear (at least
> > for me, I'm not a native english speaker). I had to read the sentence
> > several times to be sure "Legacy" can only be added when Categories is
> > already existing in the desktop file (and I'm still not 100% sure of my
> > understanding). BTW, we don't test for this Legacy category in the test
> > suite.
> Yes, I'm not sure how to interpret this either.

Current text is : 

"Legacy desktop entries should not be assigned any Categories fields if
they didn't have them already, except that all legacy entries should
have the "Legacy" category added to allow menu files to treat them
specially. <snip>"

I think it should be :
"Legacy desktop entries should not be assigned any Categories fields if
they didn't have one already. If they have one, "Legacy" category should
be added to their Categories fields, to allow menu files to threat them
specially. <snip>"

but it would be best to check that with somebody able to interpret the
sentence correctly :)

> > -we are missing (I think) a <LegacyDir prefix="foobar"> test (I'm not
> > sure if it should be merged in test "e" or put in a separate test).
> I recommend a separate test.

Ok, when I have a working LegacyDir support in desktop-file-utils, I'll
try to write an new test..

> > -in the same idea, there is no <KDELegacyDirs> test.
> That might be difficult since kde-config will return the compiled-in install 
> path for $KDEDIR/share/apps/applnk, so it will be hard to create a controlled 
> test environment. It is bound to pick up whatever (legacy) parts of KDE you 
> have installed.

Indeed.. However, I've checked desktop-file-utils implementation and
ATM, it only checks for KDE legacy dirs as subdirectories called
"applnk" of XDG_DATA_DIRS lists. Or maybe we could provide our own
"kde-config" in the test suite and override PATH for the tests ?

> > -I tried to apply the example given in the spec for transforming a
> > legacy dir into a XDG menu file. I got the following result 
> [Snip]
> > This would mean all three "Development" desktop file will have
> > Developement-*.desktop desktop-id, which is not correct.
> Yes,
> > I think the correct file should be :
> [Snip]
> >
> > So menu spec example should fixed.
> Which example do you mean exactly?

Sorry, I mean the example in "Legacy Menu Hierarchies", which should be
(if I'm not wrong) :

<!DOCTYPE Menu PUBLIC "-//freedesktop//DTD Menu 0.8//EN"


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