Contacts and Calendars Standard

Luis Villa louie at
Mon Jul 14 23:28:25 EEST 2003

On Mon, 2003-07-14 at 14:34, Daniel Farrell wrote:
> Out of a discussion on I wanted to get people's opinions
> on a standard format and location for contacts and calendars.
> To me it would seem like vCard and iCalendar would be the logical choices
> for formats.
> As for locations I was thinking:
> ~/.contacts/CategoryName.vcf
> ~/.calendars/CalendarName.ics
> We could even do local mailboxes the same way.  In mbox format at
> ~/.mail/MailboxName.mbox
> This would allow users to access the same data regardless of which desktop
> they logged in to.  And these formats are commonly supported formats which
> would make it easy to import and export them.
> Questions?  Comments?  Snide remarks?

You'd probably want to cc: evolution-hackers@, since evo is gnome's
defacto standard for these things. 


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