Contacts and Calendars Standard

Daniel Farrell daniel at
Mon Jul 14 22:32:47 EEST 2003

> On Mon, 2003-07-14 at 14:34, Daniel Farrell wrote:
>> Out of a discussion on I wanted to get people's
>> opinions
>> on a standard format and location for contacts and calendars.
>> To me it would seem like vCard and iCalendar would be the logical
>> choices
>> for formats.
>> As for locations I was thinking:
>> ~/.contacts/CategoryName.vcf
>> ~/.calendars/CalendarName.ics
>> We could even do local mailboxes the same way.  In mbox format at
>> ~/.mail/MailboxName.mbox
>> This would allow users to access the same data regardless of which
>> desktop
>> they logged in to.  And these formats are commonly supported formats
>> which
>> would make it easy to import and export them.
>> Questions?  Comments?  Snide remarks?
> You'd probably want to cc: evolution-hackers@, since evo is gnome's
> defacto standard for these things.
> Luis

Yeah, from what I've seen of my ~/evolution directory I doubt very much
that Evolution is going to switch to this scheme.  I have been toying with
the idea of creating stand alone gnome apps for mail(new gui for Balsa),
contacts and calendars that would use these.  They would pretty much only
be GUI projects as backend code is available.  They could be considered
the home user PIM stuff, with evo being the corporate.  But yeah, it
should be mentioned to the evo hackers.


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