Contacts and Calendars Standard

Jeroen ten Berge Jeroen.ten.Berge at
Wed Jul 16 08:50:46 EEST 2003

> Van: Daniel Farrell [mailto:daniel at]
> Ok, there seems to be some very different takes on what we 
> are trying to
> specify.  I'll clarify my position.  I want to define local storage
> places for calendars, contacts and possibly mailboxes for desktop
> users.  The corporate environment is beyond this and should include
> servers and such.  So...
I agree, local desktop, not corporate use (they allready have dir's and imap)

> For calendars(and tasks) people seem to accept iCalendar as the way to
> go.  I'm happy with that.
I haven't looked at it, but it probably is ok.

> For contacts people don't seem as confident in vCard.  Do we need to
> update the vCard spec to be good enough for what we want?  I 
> personally
> think it's probably good enough, but I'll have to look into it more.
> For mailboxes, I'm really not very interested in having this interact
> with your local mailserver.  Let the MUA pull the mail from 
> those other
> locations and put it in the standard desktop location.  I'm talking a
> local store so if you are in Gnome you open balsa or 
> evolution and look
> at your mail.  Then you log in under KDE and open KMail and you are
> working with the same local mailboxes.
That's exactly in favor of the end-user ;)

> Having investigated the mail formats some more I'd actually suggest UW
> IMAP's mbx instead of plain mbox.  It seems to solve the problems mbox
> has.  And again, this doesn't replace your local server setup.  I want
> to specify this for future desktop users who won't have a local server
> setup.
I disagree here, i'd personaly like the Maildir type the best, allready most MUA's are familiar with this type of setup, i guess it's faster than mbox too and more secure, if a file get's corrupted, it wouldn't cause all mail to get corrupted. I hope everybody will drop mbox and mbx in favor of Maildir, i've yet to hear any reason why not...

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