Mission statement ! (was Re: next level of freedesktop.org)

Jeroen ten Berge Jeroen.ten.Berge at Vialis.nl
Fri Jul 18 11:40:43 EEST 2003

Follow the mission statement and stick to it :

Collect existing specifications, standards, and documents related to X desktop interoperability and make them available in a central location;

Promote the development of new specifications and standards to be shared among multiple X desktops;

Integrate desktop-specific standards into broader standards efforts, such as Linux Standard Base and the ICCCM;

Work on the implementation of these standards in specific X desktops;
-You therefore want to host those projects ? I think thát would get too large, better provide a page that shows where work is being done with links to their respective project sites.

Serve as a neutral forum for sharing ideas about X desktop technology;
-Why not add a webforum ? A lot of normal users don't like mailinglists, another nasty bit of those mailinglists is the fact that you get more spam. (i now get 70% spam :(, thankfully i have spamassassin ;) )

Implement technologies that further X desktop interoperability and free X desktops in general;
-In concensus with xwin ? If so, maybe we should see wether the X consortium wants to integrate freedesktop on their site or the other way around ?

Promote X desktops and X desktop standards to application authors, both commercial and volunteer;

Communicate with the developers of free operating system kernels, the X Window System itself, free OS distributions, and so on to address desktop-related problems;
-A forum wich requires user accounts on the new website would be usefull if you ask me.

Provide CVS, web hosting, mailing lists, and other resources to free software projects that work toward the above goals.
-Why not leave that up to the excellent services allready available at sourceforge and others ?


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