Proposal: Menu Spec Changes

Heinrich Wendel h_wendel at
Sat Jul 19 21:57:22 EEST 2003

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I want to make some proposals to change the menu spec:

First of all i have written a menu.dtd, if nobody complains i'll upload it
very soon. (

The second thing i want to propose is based on this dtd. Move should only be
allowed to contain one pair of Old-New Elements in this order, otherwise it
cannot be validated correctly (and it makes more sense).

An item about what i am not sure, but which could make sense:
If you take a look at the second example in the menu spec, you have a menu
called "Applications" and the submenus "Preferences" and "Office". But if I
look at my kde menu for example I have not one toplevel menu, but about 10
(utilities, system, games ...). The problem here is that a xml file has to
have on root element. So I would propose to change the root element to
xdg-menu. This root element may contain every element the <Menu> element may
contain but <Name>, <Directory>, <(Not)Deleted>, <(Not)OnlyUnallocated),
<Include>, <Exclude>. This root element would define a global scope, in
consequence i would drop the recursive scope from the specification(i. e.
"Next, add to the pool the entries for any <AppDir>s specified by ancestor
<Menu> elements"). I hope you understand what i mean ;)

The third is what i posted already in an earlier post, to extend the

LogicGame (A logic game)
KidsGame (A game for kids)
Debugger (A code debugger)
Documentation (FAQs, HOWTOs and other documents and software needed to browse
Geologie (Geologie software)
MedicalSoftware (Medical software)
Biologie (Biological software)
3DGraphics (Application to create/render 3D Graphics)
Viewer (Application to view a graphic)
Burning (Application to burn CD/DVD's)
AVPlayer (Audio/Video Player)
AudioMixer (Audio Mixer)
AVRecorder (Audio/Video Recorder)
AudioSequencer (Audio Sequencer)
AVEditing (Audio/Video Editing software)
AVConversion (Audio/Video conversion tool)
WebBrowser (A webbrowser)
InstantMessaging (An instantmessaging client)
IRCClient (An IRC client)
Newsreader (A newsreader)
FileTransfer (A tool for filetransfers)
Mail (Application to manage E-mails)
RemoteAccess (A tool to remotly manage a PC)
Finance (Application to manage your finances)
Database (Application to manage a database)
Chart (Application to build charts)
PDA (Application to manage your PDA)
FileManager (A filemanager)
Engineering (Engineering software)
Archiving (Archiving software)
Electronics (Electronics utilities)

mfg, Heinrich

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