Proposal: Menu Spec Changes

Kai Wetzel kai.wetzel1 at
Tue Jul 22 14:48:10 EEST 2003

It would also be good to separate discussing the specific list of categories
from discussion the general menu spec mechanisms.

It's important to have a fairly extensive list of application categories early
so people don't add their own categories as often.
To achieve this goal, people/groups with domain-specific knowledge must
be invited to contribute to the list.

On Saturday 19 July 2003 21:25, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> [Snip]
> I think that's a good idea, but where applicable it should mention that
> this also implies another category. And that category should then also be
> explicitly listed.
> For example, LogicGame implies Game. So the Category line should be:
> Category=Game;LogicGame;

I made the following list a few weeks ago, trying to add implied categories:
(It's not quite consistent yet but I don't have the time right now to do it.
I hope it's useful already.)

I would suggest to give some context for each category:
- what other categoryies are usually included (recommended)
- what other categories should be considered to go along (optional)

Presentation  {Application;[Office];[Graphics]}
WebBrowser {Application;Network}

The list:

Legacy;            /* see draft */

Application; /* To me this is "big application" as opposed to Accessory,
  or "Applet" but the spec is very vague, please explain better.*/
                   (A Screensaver - launching this desktop entry should 
                    activate the screensaver)

                   (A simple amusement)

                   (Emulator of another platform, such as a DOS emulator)

                   (HAM radio software)

TerminalEmulator;  {Application|Accessory ?}
                   examples: xterm, rxvt, GNOME-terminal
                   (A shell (an actual specific shell such as bash or tcsh, 
                    not a TerminalEmulator).

TextEditor;        {[Application]}

                   (system tools)
SystemSetup;       {System}
                   (system configuration/administration)
PackageManager;    {System;[SystemSetup]}

AdvancedSettings;  {Setting}
                   how to tell ?
Accessibility;     {Setting}

Clock;             {Applet|Application ?}


Office;            {[Application]}
WordProcessor;     {Application;Office}
Presentation;      {[Application];[Office];[Graphics]}
Spreadsheet;       {Application;Office;[Science]}
Charts;            {Application;Graphics;[Office]}
                   examples: KChart

Music;             {*;[AudioVideo];[Audio]}
Audio;             {AudioVideo}
MusicalNotationEditor; {Application;Music}
MIDI;              {[Application];AudioVidio;Audio}
AudioSequencer;    {Application;AudioVideo;Audio;[Music]}

VectorGraphics;    {Graphics}
RasterGraphics;    {Graphics}
3dModeler;         {Application;Graphics;3dGraphics} or "3dModeling" ?
3dAnimation;       {Application;Graphics;3dGraphics}
                   examples: Maya, 3ds
2dAnimation;       {Application;Graphics;[VectorGraphics]}
                   examples: Macromedia Flash MX
3dRenderer;        {Application;Graphics;3dGraphics} or "3dRendering" ?
Raytracer;         {Application;Graphics;3dGraphics;3dRenderer} 
                   or "Raytracing" ?
Radiosity;         {Application;Graphics;3dGraphics;3dRenderer}

                   (Educational software)

                   (Scientific software)

Chemistry;         {Science}
Physics;           {Science}
Astronomy;         {Science}

Bioinformatics;    {Science} ?
MolecularModeling; {[Application];Science;*}
Biochemistry;      {Science}
Biology;           {Science}
GeneticSequencing; {[Application];Science;Biochemistry;[Bioinformatics]}
MedicalSoftware;   {[Application];[Science];*}

Visualization;     {Application;Science;[Graphics];[3dGraphics]}

Geology;           {Science}
Geophysics;        {Science}

Math;              {[Science];[Education]}
Statistics;        {Application;Science;Math}
ComputerAlgebra;   {Application;Science;Math}

GIS;               {Application;[Science];[Visualization]}
                   (geographic information system)
QualitativeDataAnalysis, CAQDAS; {Application;Science}
Astrology;         {Application;[Science]}

What about this (similar to "Viewer"):
(AudioVideo) Player (Mp3 player, video player, TV - things like xanim, xmms,

Calculator; {Accesory|Application;[Scientific]}

3DGame;            {Game}
                   (A game in 3D)
ArcadeGame;        {Game}
                   (Arcade style game)
BoardGame;         {Game}
                   (A board game)
CardGame;          {Game}
                   (A card game)
FirstPersonGame;   {Game}
                   (First person perspective game)
PlatformGame;      {Game}
                   (Platform style game)
PuzzleGame;        {Game}
                   (Puzzle game)
SportsGame;        {Game}
                   (Sports game)
StrategyGame;      {Game}
                   (Turn-based or real-time strategy game)
BlocksGame;        {Game}
                   (Falling blocks game)

Where do thesefit:
  - "economic" simulations ("Aufbauspiele")
  - Roleplaying, AD&D

I suggest renaming "Core" to "Base" or so (dumped core ?)

DTP;               {Application;[Graphics]} or "PageLayout"
                   (desktop publishing)
Typesetting;       {Application;[Graphics];[DTP]}
FontEditor;        {Application;Graphics;[RasterGraphics];[VectorGraphics]}
                   (type design)
BitmapFontEditor;  {Application;Graphics;RasterGraphics;FontEditor}
OutlineFontEditor; {Application;Graphics;VectorGraphics;FontEditor}
Plotting;          {Application;Math;[Science];[Graphics]} 
                   examples: GNU plot, ...
Diagrams;          {Application;Graphics;VectorGraphics}
                   examples: Microsoft Visio, Kivio

"SystemSetup" == "SystemAdministration" ? (please clarify)

Engineering;       {[Application]}
EDA;               {Application;[Engeneering]} and/or "Electronics" ?
                   (electronic design automation)
SchematicCapture;  {Application;EDA}
VLSILayoutEditor;  {Application;EDA}
PCBDesign;         {Application;EDA}
CAD;               {Application;Engineering;[VectorGraphics]} and CAM ?
3dCAD;             {Application;Engeneering;CAD}
2dCAD;             {Application;Engeneering;[VectorGraphics];CAD}

FileManager;       {Application;[Base]}
Email;             {Application;Network;[Communication]} or MUA ?
SoundMixer;        {AudioVideo;[Base]}
Archiving;         {[Application]} includes "data backup" ?
Chat;              {*;Communication;Network}
IRCClient;         {Application;Communication;Network}
Telephony; VoIP;   {*;Communication;[Network]}

- web authoring, content management systems ?

Video;             {AudioVideo} ?

- groupware tools, collaborative environments, workflow ?

ProjectManagement; {Application}
                   what's this ?

Debugger;          {Application;Development}
                   (software debuggers)
RevisionControl;   {Application;Development}
                   examples: CVS-frontends like Cervisia
IDE;               {Application;Development}
                   (IDEs: itegrated development environments)
GUIBuilder;        {Application;Development}
                   (graphical user interface (GUI) builder applications)
                   depricated: GUIDesigner

Outliner;          {Application;[Office];[Productivity]}
                   (ordering thoughts, creativity tools, ...)
TODO;              {[Application];[Productivity]} includes note-taking ?
RoutePlanning;     {Application;[GIS]}
InstantMessaging;  {Application|Applet;Communication|Network} or IM 
                   examples: gaim, AOL instant messenger
ContactManagement; {Application;[Productivity]} or Contacts, AddressBook ?
Calendar;          {Application;[Productivity]}
Notification;      {Applet|SysTray}
                   (notify of new mail, incoming calls, etc.)

- burn CDs, ripping audio/video

Finance;           {Application;[Productivity]} or FinancialSoftware

KDE;               {Qt}
ROX;               {?}
GNOME;             {Gtk}
XFCE;              {Gtk}

Best regards,

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